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Stupid Case File for August 21, 2007

Meth User Asks Police For Drugs

Special Kudos goes out to Mr. Miller for the tip!

Courtesy of KMTR

Police say 34-year-old James Wilkinson, of Eugene, ended up getting himself arrested when he asked an officer if he could get him some meth.

The Eugene police vice narcotics unit had searched an apartment on Seventh Avenue. Sergeant Jerry Webber says they were questioning the tenant, 58-year-old Gary Puckett, and handcuffed him. That's when Wilkinson came in and asked to buy drugs.
As detectives stood around with their badges hanging from their necks, Webber says Wilkinson asked Puckett --quote-- "Can you hook me up?"

Puckett was seated on the couch -- handcuffed. Police say he told Wilkinson he couldn't help him. But Wilkinson persisted, and turned to the detective and asked him for the meth.

Jeff Drullinger pointed at his police badge and arrested Wilkinson.


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