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Stupid Case File for September 4, 2005

Ankle Bracelet + Rob Bank = Jail?

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A bank robbery failed because one of the alleged robbers was worried that his electronic tracking ankle bracelet would go off and alert his probation officer if he was gone from home for too long, police said.

Convicted rapist Delome Small, 37, and his older brother John Small, 46, were in custody shortly after the botched bank heist on Tuesday morning.

Police said Delome Small chose The Bank of America on Cooke Street because he figured he could quickly get back to the nearby condominium where he lives with his mother.

If away from home too long, his ankle bracelet would alert probation officers that he was out of bounds and that would violate his probation for two 1999 sexual assault convictions.

Authorities said the Small brothers cut the robbery short because the cash drawers were locked. The would-be robbers fled empty-handed.

"Delome has an ankle bracelet and he can't really leave the house," John Small told police after the brothers were captured.

Delome Small was charged with a violation of his probation and attempted robbery. John Small was charged with attempted robbery.

Judge William T. Cremins ordered the Small brothers held on $500,000 bond each on robbery, larceny and conspiracy charges Wednesday in Waterbury Superior Court.

The brothers are to return to court Sept. 21.


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