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Stupid Case File for February 17, 2007

Farming pot has its costs ....

Courtesy of UPI

MIAMI, Feb. 13 - Firefighters called to a Miami home because of a smoking electrical meter broke through the garage to find a hydroponic marijuana growing operation.

The illegal pot farmers had rigged the garage to take their power directly from a nearby pole but because it takes so much electricity to keep the operation going, the meter box got stressed and began to smoke, police told Tuesday's Miami Herald.

When police went through the house, they found more than 50 2-pound plants in various rooms. The hybrid plants had few seeds "and a tremendous amount of resins," an undercover narcotics agent told the Herald.

Neighbors said they noticed the house had many more trash cans out on garbage day than other houses as well as an unusual amount of traffic in and out.

But no one put two-and-two together until Monday night's bust.

One 60-year-old neighbor said he walked past the house daily but figured the acrid pot smell coming from the garage was merely someone puffing weed, the Herald reported.

No one was home when firefighters broke into the garage and no arrests had been made by Tuesday.


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