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Stupid Case File for September 4, 2005

Stupid Criminal or Stupid Cop?

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A car thief cornered by police after a high-speed chase through the streets of Bulgaria's capital on Tuesday drew his gun on officers and managed to escape in their patrol car, police said.

The man was driving a stolen car in a residential district of Sofia earlier on Tuesday when a police patrol spotted him and started a chase.

The action seemed to be over when the stolen vehicle struck a roadside electricity pole and police officers stepped out of their car to arrest the man.

But instead, the thief managed to take their vehicle at gunpoint and they could only watch as he drove away.

Police said officers opened fire at the fleeing suspect and believe he might have been wounded.

Later in the day, police found the patrol car abandoned in a distant suburb, but the thief had escaped.


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