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Stupid Case File for February 21, 2007

Have Kids? Got a Computer? Check This Out!

[Editor's note: The Stupid Criminal Files and its contributors receive no financial compensation for this post]

At the top of our blog, you will see the Code Amber Alert Ticker. We believe using this tool is one contribution we can make to help keep our kids safe. We encourage all of our readers who have their own blogs or websites place the ticker on their site. Click here to get the code.

The Code Amber group has introduced a new tool that we believe is worthy of your attention. The new tool is called Amber Stick. It is a USB flash drive that will store, encrypt, and password-protect your kids' information. If an emergency ever arrives, the stick can be used by law enforcement to access your children's information electronically ... especially digital photos. Why use this tool? Because - unfortunately - there have been enough abductions to get statistically valid data that proves a simple point. The first 3 hours - 180 minutes - are crucial for law enforcement to get the word out. It takes almost 2 hours for a parent or guardian to dig up vital information or photos to give to law enforcement. We simply don't have any time to spare when it comes to finding a lost child. The quicker we can get information to law enforcement, the quicker the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) can distribute alerts to other law enforcement agencies. If you have kids and a computer, we encourage you to find out if an Amber Stick is right for your family. Learn more about the Amber Stick by clicking here.


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