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Stupid Case File for September 4, 2005

Train vs. Safe

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thieves in Austria nearly derailed a passenger train after pushing a 15-kilogramme (33-pound) stolen safe on to the track in the hope a speeding locomotive would smash it open, Austrian police said.

A spokesman for the local police near Bregenz, west Austria, told AFP that the force of the collision on Tuesday night had indeed opened the safe, "but nearly all the money was thrown out and the perpetrators had to flee".

"The locomotive was very badly damaged and there was nearly a derailment," said Michael Haider.

The safe, which contained about 5,000 euros (6,000 dollars), had been stolen during a raid on a local business shortly before.

It was the first time a train had been used to open a safe in the history of the country, Rene Zumtobel, a spokesman for the national railway OBB told AFP.


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